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Project Description

The client wanted the application for mobile and tablet devices. He needed a well-designed app with perfect customizations. The app made for the users ease and to deliver the package of fruits, vegetables, sauces, cheese, beverages, frozen and many more items with best offers next to their doorstep. Fresh items delivery is available through the app.

Technology used:


– Java

Tools used:

– Eclipse

– Android Studio

– Android SDK

– Facebook SDK for login and share


Front End & Backend are very responsive.

Different modules developed in this project are:

  • Login

Admin user can register the new user and maintain login database. User can register to the app entering email id, password and other details. One can also connect through facebook. In case of forgot password, reset link will be sent to the users mail id and reset the password.

  • Product

Admin user can create categories and subcategories of the product. User can select the category of the product such as new, popular and deal.

  • New

Admin can add the new items under the subcategories. User can select the new items under the various categories of fruits, vegetables, and many more.

  • Popular

Admin user can add the popular items running in the market to the subcategories. User can select the daily use popular items of different varieties from every category.

  • Deal

Admin user can add the deals and offer in this category. User can select the items from this category having some deals and offers.

  • Wishlist

Admin user can maintain the wishlist or the favorite items of the users in the wishlist. User can add their most favorite items in the wishlist.

  • Add to Cart

Admin user maintains item of the cart selected by the user. User can add the items of their wish to the cart and can buy. Can also see their items added in the cart.

  • Gallery View

Admin user can add and update the new images of the various categories. Also display the price according to quantity of the items. Wishlist and add to cart is also maintained by the admin.

User can have a look of the particular item, its price and add it to wishlist. To buy one can add to cart.

  • Price

Admin user can update the price of the item, deals and other categories. User can check the price of every item.

  • More

Admin user maintains more items under the specific category. User can have more option of the same category.

  • Search

Admin user helps you to search out the item from their database. User can search out the items they want.

  • Payment

Admin user can define different kind of payment methods i.e. cash on delivery. User can do cash on delivery for their items.

  • Cart

When user orders the item, it will display in the cart. Admin user can create order from backend as well.

  • Promocode

Admin maintain the database if any user apply the promocode. User can apply the promocode and can get the discount on the selected item.

  • Shipping Methods

Admin user can define different kind of shipping methods according to its comfort and users flexibility. User can have the detail of their address and time for delivering their item.

Project Details

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