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Project Description

The Monkey Bubble game application was decided to develop for the children’s fun and entertainment.
The main reason of developing this game was to improve the observation of the brain, cognitive ability,
concentration, memory, creativity and imagination through the mobile device. It will be convenient for
children to learn the numbers from this app by crossing different difficulty levels and also easy to
operate. So, Android and ios were the platforms decided to develop the app according to the present
use of mobile devices by children.

Tools and Technologies
Game Engine: Unity
Coding: MonoDevelop
Third party plugins:
– Ad mob,
– Facebook,
– Google IAB,
– PooshWoosh (for notification)

Different modules developed in this project are:
1. Game Modes
Admin user can maintain as many as modes according to the difficulty levels. User can have various options of selecting the modes in which user wants to play.
a) Standard
Admin user can maintain and update the level of difficulty by adjusting the time to appear the bubble, number disappears and player must tap in the correct order. User can play in the standard mode by facing the challenges coming across in this level.
b) Sevens Cup
Admin user maintains the fixed timing of the set of the bubble and to record the completed sets and coins collected by user. User can play this sevens cup mode by facing the challenges different from that of the
standard mode and also have 3 trials to complete the challenge in different mode.
c) Custom
Admin user can give access to user to select its own custom mode where player can create the level of his own choice. User can enjoy the custom mode of the game where player can select level of his own

2. Scoreboards/ Points
Admin user maintains the player’s scoreboard or points of the different level of the game. User can view points earned by player in different levels and modes.

3. Menu
Admin user can update different options to display on the menu. User can select different options from the menu list.

4. Coins
Admin user maintains the records of the player collected the total coins in that mode. User can collect as many coins to clear the level and to earn more points in that mode.

5. Trials
Admin user can maintain and update the trials for that particular mode of the game. User can have limited number of trials in different modes such as standard, sevens cup and custom as per decided by the admin.

6. Multiplayer
Admin user can able to maintain the multiplayer in the different modes. User can enjoy the game having multiplayer which will be going to coming soon.

7. Settings
Admin user maintains the options included in settings such as credit, Achievement, Rate, Leader-board, Instructions and Sign out. User can change or apply the settings such as credit, rate the app, learn through instructions, Sign out and View the leader-board.

8. Get Pro Subscription
Admin user can provide different subscription offers and give access to get the subscriptions by
paying it day-wise or month-wise. User can get the pro versions of the game by paying for the subscriptions i.e. Month-wise or Day-wise.

9. Leader-board
Admin user can maintain the leader-board information of the player such as collected star, Standard total # of Plays, No of completed 7’s levels, total collected 7’s points. User can view the leader-board about the stars, completed 7’s level and total collected points.

10. Share
Admin user can give access to user share the app through different ways. User can share the app via Gmail, Xender, Bluetooth, Skype and many more.

Project Details