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Project Description

Speedster is not just the core of racing but also give you the pure gaming experience. We can think like a
racing car driver and drive likes one to win using the various controller options.

The key is to play with all assists off to make the maximum use of the track, improve your timing and
win. It also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your car parts to maximize performance if you are not
able to win a particular race.

The cars are works of art. Every time you win a race you gain racing rewards to buy more cars, upgrade
and customization of car from the garage. For every level up you get rewards such as coins to unlock
new levels or buy exclusive cars.

When players begin the game, there are a total 80 races in the entire game, 5 different color cars, 5 rims
of each car, 4 tracks with different environments and cities. Game is developed with amazing graphic,
visuals, design, great controls, super car physics and musical effects.

When the game was first released, game begins with single track and user can select one among the 3
cars. The game at driver level 0 and increases his/her rank as he/she earns "fame points" from winning
races. Once they pass level, coins are rewarded at each level up. Races and tracks must be unlocked by
winning a certain number of trophies in a previous series. User drives the car and can compete against
the automated system to gain points which are tradable for spare parts.

We will also integrate the login session into game through the social integration like Facebook. As user
passes the consecutive levels user get a chance to select cars and tracks for the race from the 5 cars and
4 tracks. User can share the game activity status with their friends through social media. User’s profile
contains details of every spare part and cars they bought. User can also play offline but once online all
data to be linked with user’s online profile. Key features include:

1. Login Screen
2. User’s Account
3. Cars
4. Choose a course
5. Sharing through social media
6. Store
7. Recording track
8. Last shots

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