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Project Description

The client needed an app that provides information about spiritual, auspicious events and activities organized by Vallabh Youth Organization. He wants an efficient application including gallery, videos, projects, programs, updated calendar etc. Significant and Inspirational events updates should be provided on the app regularly.  Application has been developed with unique features and in Android and iOs platform

Tools & Technologies:

-Device Compatibility: Android/IOS

-Using API

-Language: English

-Database: MYSQL

Frontend & Backend are too responsive.

Several modules developed in the app are:

  • Login

Admin user keeps records of all the login details of registered uses. User can login to the vyo app once he done with the registration.

  • Darshan

Admin user updates the schedule day to day for daily darshan by providing the feature of reminder. User can set the notification reminder & view the regular darshan updates.

  • Calendar/Event

Admin user maintains the records, give access of the past and future events. He manages the customize notification reminders of the users. User can access the past and upcoming events. He can set the reminder for the auspicious and special days.

  • Wisdom Quotes

Admin user updates the inspirational wisdom quotes of Jeje Shri.

User can get the inspirational quotes of wisdom from Jeje Shri and can share using social media integration.

  • You Tube Videos

Admin user can upload videos of all events on youtube.

User can access all videos of past and upcoming events on youtube.

  • Gallery

Admin user uploads the images of the events.

User can view the images of all the inspirational events and activities.

  • Donation

Admin user can donate on different projects like Krishna Sankar world, Love for Gau and Life members as well.

User can donate of his choice to different projects.

  • Projects

User can view the projects and details about it.

  • Blog

Admin user maintains the blogs uploaded by the user. User can post a blog and can read others post.

  • Social Media Integration

Admin user maintains the feedback and reviews of users through social integrations. User can like the app, give the feedbacks and reviews through different type of social integrations such as LinkedIn, Google+, twitter, pinterest, Facebook and more.

  • Programs

Admin user updates the place & schedule of the programmes. User can view the scheduled programmes such as inspirational, educational, spiritual & happiness.

  • About Us

Admin user updates the introduction of the Vallabh Youth Organisation programmes & activities. User can have a glimpse of the application and introductory about VYO.

  • Contact Us

Admin User maintains the contact details of the organisation and its members. User can have the contact details for help whenever they want.

  • Other

Admin user maintains this module for follow ups, sharing and record the rating status of the application. User can follow, can give rating, and can share the app via Bluetooth, Xender, ShareIt etc.

  • Notification

Admin user maintains the dates and reminders set by the user. User get the notifications for upcoming events and reminders set by them.

  • Past & Future

Admin user uploads the past event photos, videos and future events going to be held. User can view the events held in past and going to be held in future.

  • Popular & Latest

Admin User uploads about most popular and latest events. User can view the popular and latest events held.