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Offering Agile Web Development Engagement Models for Your Dynamic Needs

Are you looking for a customized web and mobile app development solution?

If yes, then you have just landed at the right page because we are one of the strategic web development companies that offer a range of engagement modes so that all our clients’ demands and requirements can be bespoke. Essentially, our effort is to streamline the web development process, perfect the resource allocation process, and provide greater productivity. Let’s have a look at our engagement models.

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Hourly Cost Model

In this model, you would avail resources on an hourly basis according to your dynamic demands and requirements till you achieve your objectives.


The hourly cost model is relevant for an organization that has dynamic needs. That means if you are an organization that comes up with new ideas and web development requirement frequently or your projects are highly agile where “change is constant”, then you should choose this model to accommodate your needs whenever they arise.


This is the most flexible engagement model because clients will have better control over resources, team size and functionality so that they can active desired result without having to spend a lot of money.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed priced model is for the clients that operate with predefined objectives. That means, the amount paid after accomplishment of desired objectives or predefined goals.


This engagement model is ideal for the clients with a structured and defined set of objectives that are to be attained within a certain period. Essentially, it is suitable for the organizations that love to work on a project basis. Small or medium size project is suggested to develop by using this model.


Here, in this case, you would be in a better position in terms of delivery of the project and resources allocation and cost management. Since you will be given a blueprint of the whole process, you will be able to plan better.

Dedicated Development Team

This model is highly applicable for companies that need skilled and experienced developers, designers and specialists to carry out complex projects.


This model is suitable for the companies that face talent shortage issues and higher attrition rate. Since this model offers highly skilled and specialized developers for certain kinds of projects that need special skill sets. The developers would give undivided attention to the given jobs thus bring better and meaningful results.


Projects that demand the highest level of intelligence and skill sets would greatly benefit from this model. In addition, we have a proper system and protocols in place to avoid copyright, confidentiality, and performance management.

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All our engagement models are prepared after carrying out in-depth market study and client requirements. From the performance management system (KPIs) to Service level agreement, you are completely immune to service and performance related issues.

So, call us today and speak with us to find out how our engagement models can address your unique and dynamic demands. We are agile and perfect you can expect the best service.

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