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The term ‘Website Development’ is very commonly used in the IT world. It is basically a task performed by the web developers. Website development involves creating and maintaining dynamic web pages with the help of various web applications.

Web Development is associated with the work behind the scenes that makes the website look great, work faster with high performance. Therefore, it is an utmost responsibility that should be handled with proper care and we gladly introduce ourselves at Amphee as the service provider.

We at Amphee meet the highest benchmark for the development

Website development has a high benchmark in the market. For almost every small or large business, this has become a necessity. Therefore, we mainly help in planning the complete business strategy before its actual start-up. We take help of the latest software, tools and coding languages for web development such as LAMP, ROR, Python and many more.

The categorization of development at Amphee

We at Amphee have categorized the whole development process in the two broad categories.

  1. Front-end development
  2. Back-end development

Front-end or client-side development refers building of web pages that can be visualized by the users such as the content, design and other applications. We take care of design, color code and interaction activities with the help of HTML, CMS and JavaScript. Whatever is seen on a web page such as text, drop down menus, start button is all designed by our highly experienced front-end developers.

Whereas, back-end or server-side development refers to controlling of various web applications and databases. As it is responsible for all the database applications and storage, we take proper care while the development cycle. Without this data, there would be no front-end and hence, our back-end developers are highly responsible for designing and operating the back-end applications. Our experts take care of the backend server, application to run and the database for storage. We use coding languages such as PHP, Java, Python and many more.

Apart from this, we also have full stack developers, who take care of both the front-end and back-end operations. Web development basically includes web programming, web design and database management.

Why come to us for the website development?

Web design and development has become a trend in the last few years. Large businesses and small business both have the need of designing, updating and maintaining their website and therefore, we are here at Amphee. Some of the development services we provide are mentioned below.

  • Symfony Development
  • LAMP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Opencart Development
  • Magento Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Ruby On Rails Development

We have a team that is capable of developing websites related to e-commerce, content management systems, blogs, etc. We develop both Dynamic and Static websites.

Come to us and place your query

At Amphee, we welcome you to come and join hands with our team to get over the top work experience. For any queries, you can drop us an email or directly contact us. Our team will surely help you. Also, we believe in affordability and readiness. Come get the unique and stupendous experience!!

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