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Are you keen on improving your revenue flow? Would you like to be the top of the mind brand? And here is the most pressing question, how are you going to do that? Of course, only by solving customers’ problems; perhaps, it should be quick. And if you are not solving a problem, then you are not running a business.

We at Amphee looked at the current trends of the digital eco-system, consumer media consumption habits and realized that your business needs a business app for numerable reasons. No, do not go by the words, we are going to show you the reality of why you need a business App.

Why do you need a business App?

  1. More than 300 millions use smartphones and almost everyone accesses the internet through their phone
  2. The mobile ad spending amount touched 7 lakh crore in 2017 and the trend is not showing any sign of downward movement anytime soon
  3. The smartphone makes up for the 36% of all the mobile phone users
  4. An average Indian spend nearly 155 minutes  on Apps and uses 9 Apps per day

The statistics give a clear indication that the consumers are increasingly adapting to the App ecosystem. And it takes a strategic approach to create an App that improves the brand communication and generates more revenue. So, what is the strategy?

App Creation Strategy:

  1. We will create an App that is visually and functionally perfect and the design will be in line with your brand ideology so that the brand consistency remains intact.
  1. The App will have various aspects such as push notification, discount offers, chats, ordering system, payment options and a host of other factors according to the nature of your business and needs of your consumers.
  1. We will add deep links that mean there would an App button on your social media page form where customers can find their way to the App landing page making it a seamless transition thus improving the conversion.
  1. We will design an App that downloads faster, opens quickly and completely secure thereby giving an extraordinary user experience. Note; the consumers are becoming experiential; they are looking for a better experience, precise communication, and quick service. And the App can serve the purpose.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are an organization with corporate absolute integrity, ethics, and morals; we house qualified and competent professionals those who have worked on the mobile app development sector extensively. And we thrive to provide cost-friendly solutions, if not cheap.

Our approach is neat; first, we speak with the client to understand their needs, expectations, and objectives, and then, we provide them a plan and a blueprint before we discuss the pricing. Yes; we believe in seamless communication.

Consult us today, speak with our executives and technical team; it is time to adapt to the new technology and capitalize on your customers’ media consumption habits by creating stunning business Apps that not one informs but also entertains, educates and persuades. You should be calling us now.

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