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When we talk about fun and entertainment, sooner or later one thing that is going to be on your list are Games. It does not matter that you are a child or an adult, everybody loves to play games. But do you know how are these games developed?  The process of creating video games for mobile or computer is Game development. It includes a streak of development process and developers. So, if you want to step in the market of mobile and computer games, come to us at Amphee.

Our team is capable of developing games you require

We have a team of professional game developers who are capable of developing games for iOS and Android devices. Our game development team is proficient in developing 2D or 3D mobile games with specialization in video creation, modeling, animation, UI, character, environment and animation development. We use the latest products and tools like Unity, Blender, Twitch, Bandicam and others for the development.

Our team has a defined game development cycle


  1. Working on the concept– Conceptualization is one of the primary things to focus when developing a game. Our expert developers have brilliant ideasto makethe game successful and idea do not generate via short-cuts. The ideas are innovative and they are prone to impact a major appeal to the audience.
  2. Creation of the layout– A lot of things depend upon the design of the game. We take many things into consideration when we develop a game such as a story, characters and the final appearance. The uniqueness of our designs differentiates us from our competitors.
  3. Decide the technology– Once we are done with the idea, the next step we follow is to decide the major tools that we are going to use in the game development. The major tools that are used are given below: –
  1. Hybrid- This is the combination of the other two types which are HTML and native. Hybrid uses the design of HTML in a shell so that the developed game can run on any platform.
  2. Native- This is the involvement of the languages which are native to the platform of the device. For iOS, we use Swift and for Android, we use Java.
  3. HTML 5- Many standard web technologies are used in this type such as JavaScript, HTML and It is considered as a very good option for mini mobile games.

Our services include


  • AR and VR Game Development
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • Unity Game Development
  • Casino Game Development
  • Cocos2D/2Dx Development
  • Native Game Development

We are willing to help you!!

We welcome you at Amphee to get a customer-centric approach and cost-efficient development. We are here to provide acomplete solution for development, design, etc. Get visually appealing and strategically mind blowing games with wondersome graphics with us.

We only promise great experience and quality. To get to know us better, come join hands and give us a chance to present us.

Feel free to reach us at the toll-free number and drop us an email. Your all queries are welcome!

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