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In the growing world of technology, Internet of things (IoT) has been a habitual thing in every aspect of life. IoT is making the earth a better and smarter place to live in by connecting everybody and every bit of things around the globe. Yes, it is going to happen gradually. A business needs to understand the opportunities of creating values and deal systematically with the challenges that are put forward. That is the only way how you can unbar the full knowledge about the Internet of Things.

Why should you choose Amphee for IoT?

The Internet of things services which are offered by Amphee has got everything you need to have.

These services will enable your organization to turn into competitive differentiators by bringing you the most innovative powered solutions of IoT. At Amphee, we offer you the inclusive IoT services for your organization. We are efficient in amalgamating the specified sensors and obtain the inspired insight which will help you to choose the best platform. We also help the organization in.

  • Analyzing and acting on fresh data.
  • Integrating and transforming the whole process of the business.
  • Developing, designing, deploying and integrating every end of the IoT process.
  • Connecting and scaling with whole proficiency.
  • Improving the decision making with better intelligence.

Our Key Services

Some of the key services that are offered by us are mentioned below.

  • Hardware- RFID; SPI, Zig bee, Wi-Fi communication, I2C, RF communication modules, GSM module, Bluetooth low energy, UART and Sensors such as ultrasonic, IR, DHT11, BMP085 etc.
  • IoT platforms- IoT ignite, Ubidots android things, ThingsSpeak, Beebotte and
  • Device for IoT- Microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry, Cypress and NodeMCU.

The area on which we focus

The IoT solutions that we offer at Amphee empower better living, better industries, better enterprises and connect the assets, logistics and services for the delivery of the connected experience. We are someone who expertise across all the stages of adoption of the IoT to offer you with the no-end individual vendor experience for the growth of the efficiencies. The segments on which we focus are mentioned below.

  • Better living: The security, healthcare and the clothing. To make a foster safe, happy and healthier, we enhance the quality of the livelihood by embracing the latest technologies which are designed.
  • Better industries: The energy, manufacturing and the utilities. We re-imagine some processes of your company to unlock its true potential by providing you with all the facilities required for the sustainable development.
  • Better enterprise: We are talking about the smart houses, offices, buildings and We tend to connect the crowd, the tools and the information by using big data for the enhancement of your business efficiency.

What do we offer you in Amphee?

  • Concept proof: Demonstration of business value possibility and bring connectivity on pre-available devices.
  • The product planning and optimization: This includes the creation of future connecting devices, the creation of business applications and finding out the suitable partner for IoT
  • The operationalization: This includes the creation of operation center and the management of devices and business.

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