Most useful plugins for android studio

//Most useful plugins for android studio

Most useful plugins for android studio

Hi developers,

Below are some quick useful plugins for your android application development to install in android studio.

1. Butterknife Zelenzy

Most useful plug-in for Android Studio/IDEA that allows one-click creation of Butterknife view injections. In addition to injections this can even generate click methods for you!


It is a Android Studio plugin for debugging your android app over Wi-Fi. Neat i say!

ADB Idea

A plugin for Android Studio and Intellij IDEA that speeds up your day to day android development.

The following commands are provided:

  • Uninstall App
  • Kill App
  • Start App
  • Restart App
  • Clear App Data
  • Clear App Data and Restart

Key Promoter

Shows to user how easy he can make same action using only keyboard(menus and toolbar button mouse clicks initiates shortcut display). It will alert you when ever you click on the toolbar. Pretty useful if you want to speed up your development.

DTO generator

The Data Transfer Object(DTO) generator creates Java classes from a given feed. You can paste the JSON response directly to generate a corresponding POJO for it. Check out the github repository for it.

Still there are some plugins information available at

You will like it.


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