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Projects Using WordPress Development

There are various types of application systems used to create and design web pages. One of the varied applications used popularly in the creation of contents and web designs is the content management system or as widely known as CMS. It is a very flexible management application as it supports multiple users.

Types of CMS:

One of the main features of content management system is that it allows its users to separate the content from the preparation of the content. This has allowed CMS to be widely popular with many websites. Some of the popular content management systems are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. Of these WordPress is the most popular.


One of the most widely used content management system is WordPress. Released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, this content manager has become extremely popular website with the internet sites. WordPress management system is based on PHP and MySQL. The use of PHP has increased the efficiency of this system.

Every website platform has been using wordpress. One of the major attributes in wordpress is that allows major development features for its users. The users can pick their own theme, can design their own plans as well as create interesting contents and blogs. WordPress Development is very easy and a secure way of developing web pages.

WordPress for beginners:

 WordPress as a content management system is pretty easy to use once the mechanism is understood. However, for beginners WordPress Development can seem an uphill task. Beginners need to learn how to create themes, widgets and menus, they have to learn how to create plugins as well as learn the complex security language, PHP.

The 3 components of WordPress:

WordPress has three major constituents, core, themes, and plugin.  The core is the first step towards WordPress Development. Core consists of creating user profiles, setting up of passwords, posts etc. The theme is mainly responsible to make the page look aesthetically pleasing. Plugins are basically those that allow adding additional features to the page.

Benefits of WordPress:

There are several benefits of using wordpress. Some are: its usability is easy and safe. It is a quick method of creating web pages. WordPress allows its users to avail of updates very easily. Its theme component allows users to change and design the page as they please without many complications.

Plugins allow users to add extra features like calendars or picture galleries or any other features that the user wants. Also it is a multitasked management system because it allows multiple users to use the website. WordPress allows business organizations to create impressive pages for their websites thus allowing increasing their customer base.

Disadvantages of WordPress:

There are some disadvantages of using wordpress. Being an open source, it is highly risky because there is a constant threat of getting hacked. Updates are easily available; however constant updating can degrade the functioning of the pages. Also use of MySQL can prove to be harmful as the security of the pages comes into question.

In spite of the above disadvantages, its advantages outweigh the limitations and it still remains one of the most sought after content management system in the world.

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